Benefits: We have combined 1.5 % pure willow bark extract with 5% Gluconolactone to create a gentle exfoliating product to help address blemishes, blackheads (open comedones), excessive oil production, inflammation, pigmentation and rough skin texture. Salicylic acid could be both preventative and corrective treatment for congestion, blemishes and blackheads. 

Gluconolactone is an antioxidant (free radical scavenger) polyhydroxy acid (PHA) that has the ability to deliver superior hydration as well as  gentle exfoliation without sun sensitivity.



Suitable for: This powerful duo is especially beneficial for pigmented and congested skin. 



Directions: Apply with a cotton pad avoiding lip and eye area. To avoid over-exfoliation, use up to three times a week, day or night.  Use a broad spectrum SPF protection in the day. For external use only. If you have broken or swollen skin you should probably avoid acids altogether. Do not use if allergic to aspirin or if pregnant or breastfeeding. Always perform a patch test on your neck before a full face application. 

This is NOT a pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly product.


NOTE: If you have tried skincare products or over the counter products for several weeks but your skin isn't getting any better, or your spots are becoming much worse and affecting other additional body areas, or starting to scar and affecting your mental health it is important to seek medical help and book an appointment with your GP or dermatologist for prescription strength products.



Fragrance: Free



Size: 150ml and 30ml travel size


pH ~ 4


Ingredients: Aqua, **Zemea Propanediol (Petroleum-free)**, **Gluconolactone, Diglycosyl Gallic acid, *Willow Bark Extract, **Betaine,**Allantoin, *Hibiscus Subdarifa L Extract, Sodium benzoate.


*Denotes Organic, **Denotes Ecocert

Alcohol and Fragrance free


Shelf life: Use within 6 months of purchase (9 months if stored in fridge)

Keep in a dark place.


  • Zemea Propanediol - First petroleum free and ecocert diol. Very effective at addressing dehydrated skin without stickiness. 100% natural and biodegradable.


    Betaine - A multi-functional ingredient that acts as a humectant, anti-irritant and texture improver. Ecocert


    Allantoin - A wonderful humectant that promotes moisturised and soft skin. A powerful anti-irritant that works best for acne, dermatitis and dry skin.


    Salix Alba (willow bark) Extract - Salicylic acid is a type of beta hydroxy acid (BHA) found in the bark of the willow tree, and is derived from the metabolism of salicin – a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which can help calm inflamed, red skin.


    Gluconolactone - Gluconolactone is a Polyhydroxy acid and is found naturally in the skin and provides anti-aging and gentle exfoliating benefits without sun sensitivity. It is highly tolerated by skin conditions such as dermatitis and rosacea. It is also a superior humectant that demonstrates anti-oxidant benefits.


    Hibiscus extract - The AHAs found in hibiscus, specifically malic acid and citric acid, gently exfoliate and brighten the skin. They can also help with hyperpigmentation and skin clarity.