At A. Florence we dedicate a great deal of time and effort on research and development.  Our passion lies in creating intelligent formulations, incorporating ingredients that have been supported by clinical studies and at the same time resonate with our holistic principles.

Our products have been formulated with  skin loving ingredients at the right (safe!) concentrations to protect or help restore an impaired skin barrier function.  Beautiful skin starts with a healthy barrier. If you are suffering from acne, rosacea or  dermatitis, you most probably have a compromised barrier. Sensitised skin does not happen overnight but rather occurs over a long period of time due to over-exfoliating, cleansing with harsh surfactants with high pH, extreme fat-free diet, use of strong acids, UV and environmental damage, and even exposure to long term emotional stress. 

Our creative process is somewhat inspired by traditional pharmacological studies, dermatological studies on lipids such as ceramides, and the research of George and Mildred Burr, the founders of the essential fatty acids. We have made high quality cold-pressed Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids and ceramides the centre of our formulas as they are extremely important for the health of skin barrier. There is a strong evidence that their deficiency not only significantly affects skin function and appearance but also that topical application of certain omega-3s attenuates UV-induced photo-damage and inflammatory skin responses and the application with certain omega-6 fatty acids alleviates symptoms associated with skin sensitivity and inflammatory skin disorders. Due to the fact that a significant portion of ingested EFAs are oxidised by the liver (up to 60% of alpha linolenic acid and 20% of linoleic acid) before reaching peripheral tissues, topical application may be the most efficient route of delivery for skin health. 

Our nutrient-dense skincare consists of multi-tasking formulations that combine a large number of skin conditioning actives such as  lipids, bioactive plant extracts with rejuvenating vitamins, acids and minerals  that work in perfect synergy to penetrate skin deeply and deliver restorative nutrients where they are most needed. As our skincare is  formulated for sensitive skin in mind so we don't incorporate any fragrance, alcohol or silicones in our products (with the exception of our Balm to milk cleanser)

We source our raw ingredients with the same integrity we approach all other aspects of our business.  All of our oils are virgin, cold-pressed, or CO2 extracted and are wild-crafted or organic, and brimful of goodness. We mainly supply from highly reputable UK vendors.

Our proprietary blends are hand-made from scratch. We do not use pre-mixed bases. To ensure freshness and ingredient potency we craft our products weekly in small batches in our London-based studio. As an eco-oriented company we use recyclable glass, cotton pouches, biodegradable sugar can bubble wraps. 

We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our products. As formulators we are aware  that all substances, whether man-made or natural, are potentially toxic at some dose. For that reason we have had each and every formulation thoroughly assessed  by an independent chartered chemist with the Royal Society of Chemistry and we are fully compliant with the strict EC Regulation 1223/2009 and its annexes. 

Almost the entire creative process at A. Florence is curated by our founder Tina Sanders, who's eclectic background in pharmaceuticals, spa & beauty and nutrition has given her a genuine insight into the industry and what really works.


*From June 2020 all ingredients we use are vegan and cruelty free.

What you will find in our products: At the heart of most of our products is our signature olive squalane infusion of seven anti-inflammatory herbs, Calendula, Plantain, Ginkgo Biloba, Marshmallow, Dandelion and Liquorice. We also use precious ceramides, cold-pressed and wild-crafted+organic linoleic and alpha linolenic oils, organic botanical and herbal extracts, organic supercritical Co2 extracts, prebiotics, vitamins such as niacinamide (B3), panthenol (B5),  retinal (A), vitamin C esters and tocopherol (E), salicylic acid, fruit enzymes, eco hyaluronic acid, cell-communicating peptides and potent antioxidant actives. 

For detailed ingredients and their properties kindly visit the page of the product you are interested